Why You Should Schedule a Fall Yard Clean-Up

Clean Up for Fall

Everyone knows that fall is a time for yard maintenance. As the weather cools off, the rains pick up and trees start to lose their leaves. Between the mowing and raking, you may feel like you are already putting a lot of time and effort into your yard. However, your yard could benefit from even more care.

This fall you should consider a fall yard clean-up from the professionals at TurfOne Landscape Management. A professional clean-up may be an investment of time and money, but the benefits will last all year long.

Improve Your Yard's Appearance

The first reason why you might need a fall clean-up for your yard is appearance. Your yard takes a beating all year long. In the spring, there is fast and furious growth. Over the summer, the dry months and relentless sun can take an extreme toll. With winter ahead, your yard is likely to remain dormant and covered.

Even if you are pretty good at yard work, it is hard to keep things in tiptop condition. Between overgrown plants and dying patches of turf, the job is simply never done. Therefore, there is no shame in calling in the professionals.

Professional yard care will make sure your yard gets the love and attention it needs to look its best. A fall clean-up can restore your home's curb appeal. It can also just give you peace of mind as you look outside on a cool autumn day. If you crave professional results in your yard, then you will want professional service.

Prevent Unsightly Walkway Stains

It is easy to think of your yard's impact as dirt and greenery. However, your yard has a wider impact on the rest of your house and property. In fact, anyone who has let the yard stay unattended for too long has probably learned this lesson the hard way. An unkempt yard can actually stain your concrete walkways and driveways.

When grass gets too long or weeds spread too far, they start to cover the walkways. The same problem happens with falling leaves. When these things are not removed promptly, they can start to break down on the cement. Cement may be strong, but it is not impenetrable. It can be stained and discolored, and the natural breakdown of grass, weeds and leaves will leave an indelible mark.

This often happens before you realize you have a problem. It does not take much coverage for stains to start to appear. Fortunately, this can all be easily avoided with professional support from TurfOne Landscape Management. When we do a fall clean-up, we will make sure your concrete driveways and walkways are clear. This will keep them safe from natural wear and tear from your landscaping.

The fall is the best time for this task in particular. After all, a clean-up during the winter is significantly harder and more cumbersome. It is best to get things clear before the weather really starts to turn bad and your walkways are subjected to endless winter perils.

Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Speaking of winter, there are even more reasons why the change of seasons should prompt service. You want to protect your walkways and driveways, but you also need to think about the rest of your yard. The winter can be extremely hard on your landscaping.

Just think about it. In the cold weather, your plants are constantly deprived of warmth and sunlight. If plants are not sturdy enough, they can die off in the cold snaps. Moreover, freezing and thawing can be difficult for trees and bushes to endure.

You also have to think about how your yard will handle the increased rain or snow. If you still have leaves clogged up around your house, you might cause rain to flow in the wrong direction around your foundation. Leaves can also create backlogs for snow, which can lead to problems with flooding down the line.

Plus, leaves left on the ground all winter can start to break down. The acids from the leaves can actually be quite damaging to your lawn. You may see the spring thaw come without your grass bouncing back. By that point, there is nothing you can do.

It is best to address these pitfalls before the weather turns too cold or the first snowfalls. A fall clean-up is really the only way to be prepared, and TurfOne Landscape Management will make sure your yard is ready to go all winter long.

What to Expect in Your Clean-Up

If you have never gotten a fall clean-up in your yard, you may not know what to expect. You may not even be convinced that the services are worthwhile. To make your choice, just consider the full range of services offered in the fall clean-up from TurfOne Landscape Management. We take a comprehensive approach, assessing your lawn's full range of needs.

Some of our services during the fall clean-up will include the following.

  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Leaf removal
  • Debris removal
  • Mowing
  • Organic matter removal
  • Shrub trimming
  • Tree trimming

We will work with you to determine the best services for your yard. This range of options ensures spectacular results. If you want to learn more about TurfOne Landscape Management’s fall clean-up service, contact us today. We can help you set up a fall clean-up appointment to address all your yard care needs this fall.