How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer

If you want to boast one of the best yards on the block this summer, you have to start thinking about preparing your lawn now. Check out these tips that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

Aerate the Lawn

If you have warm-season grass aerating before summer hits is a great way to boost the absorption of water, oxygen, and nutrients. This will help give your lawn a strong root and will ensure it has that healthy, lush look everyone strives for. However, if you have cool-season grass, like bluegrass or ryegrass, then it is best to aerate your lawn in the fall. It is recommended that you aerate your lawn every one to three years, but areas with a lot of foot traffic need to be aerated more frequently.

The skilled landscapers at TurfOne Landscape Management have the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure your lawn is aerated correctly and prepared for the summer.

Remove Excess Thatch

Thatch is a layer of organic matter that accumulates on a lawn around the base of the grass plants. This combination of living and dead plant matter can block sunlight from grass and prevent water from reaching deep roots. While often you will look to remove thatch in the autumn when you're raking leaves, but it's also an excellent practice to rake it up again in the spring to get your lawn ready for summer.

Fertilize Your Grass

How you should fertilize your yard is dependent on the type of grass you have. For warm-season grasses, apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer as soon as the first signs of vitality appear in the spring. In late summer, you may fertilize again.

A cool-season grass will require more attention and would benefit from fertilization once during early spring and again during early fall. It's recommended you use a fertilizer with higher nitrogen content in the fall application. Fertilizer application should be reduced by approximately 30 days before peak summer temperatures arrive.

To make sure your lawn gets fertilized the right way, it's best to contact the professionals at TurfOne Landscape Management. Our expert team will make sure you get a lawn that will make you proud and your neighbors jealous.

Water Your Lawn

You'll need to keep the roots in mind while watering your lawn in preparation for summer. The majority of grasses require approximately 1 inch of water each week during their peak growth periods. Because frequent, brief sprinklings encourage undesirable shallow root development, a single deep irrigation is preferable.

Deep, healthy roots are required for grasses to survive hot summer weather and droughts. Watering your lawn during the early morning or at night provides the grass with more time to absorb the water before it dries out, allowing for optimum results.

By getting a professional to install your irrigation system, you can ensure that your lawn will receive the watering it needs. The experts at TurfOne Landscape Management will factor in your property's climate, soil, types of plants, and terrain to ensure you get a system perfectly aligned with your yard's needs.

Keep Your Grass Mowed

It is critical to mow your lawn on a weekly basis and at the correct height. Cutting at the proper height increases the density of the grass and preserves the root system. A strong root system absorbs nutrients and water rather than wasting them. Mowing at the appropriate level will also assist in keeping weeds at bay.

Don't get overwhelmed with yard work this spring! Leave all your lawn preparation to the expert landscapers at TurfOne Landscape Management. Call us at (314) 310-7357 to schedule your appointment!