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All living things need nutrients and water to grow and thrive. While most people consider how often their plants receive water, fertilization is typically left by the wayside until something goes wrong. When your lawn is brown or your plants are dried out, they are already threatened by insects, disease, and other issues. At TurfOne, we care about the appearance of your lawn and the health of your plants, which is why we offer top-rate Wildwood fertilization services. Our team has specialized training and the necessary experience to maintain your lawn.

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Benefits of Fertilization

There is something so satisfying about a healthy, dark green lawn that looks good enough to run through barefoot. This not only makes you proud to drive up to your property but increases the value of the home itself. An essential part of maintaining this kind of lawn is fertilization. Aside from appearance, there are more benefits that fertilization brings to your property, including the ability to stop the spread of unwanted weeds and pests.

Our fertilization services can help control:

  • Fungus - Usually, fungus arises when there is either too much fertilizer used on your lawn. Fungus can also be the result of water build-up because your lawn isn't draining properly
  • Insects - Protecting you and your lawn from insects starts at the very beginning of your yard's fertilization. The relationship between your grass' health and insects is complex, but essentially, the more nutrients your plants have to grow, the better they are at defending themselves against insects and pests.
  • Mosquitoes - If your fertilization services are done improperly, what can happen as a result is a standing puddle of water and fertilizer making for optimal egg-laying conditions for mosquitoes. Our experts in Wildwood fertilization services will see to it that none of these conditions exist for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.
  • Weeds - Fertilization and weed control go hand in hand. Too much fertilizer and there'll be enough nutrients for every kind of weed in your yard.

A healthy lawn resists weed and fungus growth by limiting their ability to take root and spread. Your grass, shrubs, and trees develop stronger root systems that prevent the intrusion of unwanted greenery. With regular maintenance, you can even control the spread of insects.

Industry-Leading Experience

Plants in the wild need less maintenance since they typically only grow where they are suited. While landscaping professionals do their best to mimic these natural habitats, fertilization is necessary to provide minerals and encourage growth. Customers continue to turn to TurfOne for our professional services, our track record of happy clients, and our industry-leading experience. As a local business, we are proud to be able to offer fertilization services in Wildwood that help property owners feel proud of their outdoor space.

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

  • “Had the best lawn ever this past year and look forward to a better one next year.”

    - James S.
  • “My yard looks like a golf course and I’ve had many compliments.”

    - Holly B.
  • “We will certainly call them again.”

    - Anonymous

TurfOne Fertilizer Packages

To always maintain the appearance of your lawn, enroll in the TurfOne Fertilization Program. Packages all include weed control during service. All packages have automatic scheduling and auto-renews on the contracted signature date. If the package is pre-paid in full at time of the agreement, you will receive a 10% discount. Read on to check out our offerings or call to see which package is right for you!

Our Bronze Package includes:

  • Round 1 – Pre-emergent with fertilizer
  • Round 3 – Late spring fertilizer
  • Round 6 – Winter fertilizer

Find The Package That Works Best For Your Home

Our Silver Package includes:

  • Round 1 – Pre-emergent with fertilizer
  • Round 2 – Early spring fertilizer
  • Round 3 – Late spring fertilizer
  • Round 4 – Summer fertilizer
  • Round 5 – Fall fertilizer
  • Round 6 – Winter fertilizer
  • Free service calls for weeds

The Gold Package includes:

  • Round 1 – Pre-emergent with fertilizer
  • Round 2 – Early spring fertilizer
  • Round 3 – Late spring fertilizer
  • Round 4 – Summer fertilizer
  • Round 5 – Fall fertilizer
  • Round 6 – Winter fertilizer
  • Free service calls for weeds
  • 10% discount for extra services (does not have to be pre-paid)

Why Choose TurfOne?

  • Convenience

    We offer convenient hours plus after-hour appointments, and free estimates on select services.

  • Veteran Owned

    Owned by a Navy veteran, we understand the importance of hard work & every job is completed with excellence.

  • Experience that Matters

    With over 50 years of landscaping experience we are able to provide you with quality knowledge & excellent service.

  • Customer Focused

    Every job is tailored to meet your needs because we understand every home is unique.

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