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Your lawn is an extension of your home and the design of these outdoor spaces is just as important as your interior spaces. Work with a team that understands how to put your needs first. At TurfOne, we proudly customize hardscape designs to our client’s preferences. When used properly, hardscapes are an essential part of a successful landscaping job and provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Our Wildwood landscapers have the skill and expertise to completely elevate the design of your property.

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What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscapes incorporate stone and related structures into the design of a landscape. Anything built into your outdoor space that is not a living thing can be considered a hardscape. What you may think of when you hear the term “landscaping," involving plants and trees, are known as softscape. Many landscaping projects include a combination of hardscape and softscape to craft the exact feel our clients are looking for.

We specialize in the Wildwood hardscaping design and installation such as:
  • Driveways and pathways - The very first part of your property that any welcome guest will touch is your driveway or pathway to your front door.
  • Gravel paths - Gravel paths work great on the side of your home or in the back yard.
  • Fences - Get some privacy protection for your property by contacting our Wildwood hardscaping experts about fence installation today.
  • Retaining walls and wall materials - Make the most of your space with retaining walls that allow you have keep soil still on multiple levels of your yard.
  • Patios including covers - There's nothing quite like a summertime barbecue on the patio with friends and family.
  • Decks - An outdoor deck can be a fantastic location for hosting guests and family dinners as well.
  • Stairs - If you have a hilly yard or an outdoor deck that you want accessible from below, stairs can be installed at your convenience.
  • Built-in furniture - Patios work great with build-in furniture that's often more sustainable than outdoor furniture against the environmental factors.
  • Pergolas - Or shade structures work great in the summertime if you want an area to enjoy the outdoors while protected from sunlight.
  • Arbors - These elegant entrances can add an unmatched Victorian aura to your garden.
  • Gazebos - The quintessential luxurious addition is available to you today. Contact our hardscaping experts to find out how you can enjoy a Gazebo in your yard today.

Hardscaping provides an important role in the function of your space. It can help to level uneven land, provide a path for water drainage, dry the surrounding area, and reduce runoff. These elements work in tandem with the plants, trees, and shrubs to ensure a comprehensive use of your space.

Hardscaping With Your Vision First

When you imagine your perfect property, what does it look like? TurfOne understands that you bring your personality to your outdoor space, so we put that first. We help bring your perfect vision to life with top-tier design and installation services. Our advanced landscaping solutions are perfect for residential clients and can help increase the value of your home. Reach out to schedule a free consultation with our Wildwood hardscaping technicians and learn how we can improve the appearance of your home or commercial space today!

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