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Breathing is fundamental for living things, including plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis, and aeration helps this process. By removing unnecessary elements and breaking up compacted soil, regular maintenance contributes to a healthy, robust lawn.

The fall aeration service in Wildwood offered by TurfOne is a proactive step in restoring your landscaping before the tough winter. Customers trust our seasoned technicians to give them a lawn they can be proud of.

Customers work with us because:

  • We offer free consultations to customers
  • Our trucks are professional and branded
  • We are a veteran-operated company
  • Our technicians have over 55 years of experience

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4 Signs You Need Aeration Services

1. Pooling water - If after a heavy storm or sprinkler session, you're seeing a puddle of water on your lawn then you might want to consult our experts in Wildwood aeration services.

2. Your grass is thinner is some parts more than others - While we may seem to think there is something wrong with the soil when our grass is thinning, we don't often think about aeration which is necessary for all parts of your lawn to get the necessary nutrients.

3. Visible discoloration - If your grass can't get the nutrients it needs, then it will begin to die and discoloration is one of the first signs that your grass is dying. It's not too late to save your lawn so consult our Wildwood aeration service professionals to get your lawn back to how it used to look.

4. Water seems to run off your lawn - Like pooling water, if water isn't soaking into your lawn but instead running off of it onto your sidewalks, then your lawn's lack of aeration services might be the culprit.

The Benefits of Fall Aeration

The best time to aerate is in the fall, after the grass has been trampled and compacted by feet and lawnmowers all summer long. During aeration, compacted soil is broken up and allowed to expand, which creates a healthier environment for roots to grow and thrive. Our landscaping team can then over-seed the property—lay down seed specifically on the parts of the lawn that are thin or bare to create a carpet-like appearance—to prepare for lush new growth come spring.

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Our skilled landscapers have the necessary equipment to aerate your lawn. We drive holes into the ground to break up the soil, encourage deeper root growth, and allow nutrients to directly reach the necessary areas. For the best results, our technicians typically recommend fall aeration followed by over-seeding and fertilization. We can better diagnose what your yard needs during a free consultation.

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